Letter to a Bus Driver

Dear Bus Driver,

Would it really kill you to respond or acknowledge my existence when I say Thank You while getting off your bus?

Is it really such a hardship to look in the general direction of your passengers and mumble a polite word?

I realise that you must take a lot of abuse from shitty passengers, but that is not my fault. We all take abuse from shitty people, but we still manage to be polite and courteous to those who are not so shitty.

I realise that everyone has a bad day sometimes and we can all be forgiven for the occasional off day. But you are rude every time I see you. And it’s not just me; I’ve seen you humiliate an old woman and leave her in tears with your impatience and rude manner. Yet, the majority of your colleagues seem to be able to manage a non-rude, non-dismissive, non-abusive manner.

Some of us can go for weeks without speaking to another human being, aside from the occasional bus driver or shop assistant. Is it really asking too much for you to remind us that we exist and are not just a figment of our own imagination?

Of course, you probably get to go home to your family and friends at the end of the day, but for those of us who go home to a silent shell devoid of human life, just a little human kindness can go a long way.

But if you choose to continue being a jackass, don’t be surprised if the occasional passenger decides to take their problems out on you. And don’t be surprised if the rest of your passengers don’t care enough to come to your rescue.

Love and kisses,

A Polite Passenger